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Give your Porsche a makeover - extreme or mild!  Are you driving an older Porsche that you love, but have become somewhat bored with how it looks, inside and out?   Is it looking a little tired?

We can help you reinvent your car.  We have experience in taking ordinary cars and turning them into very attractive, exciting Tribute Cars.

We will consult with you to assess your goals and the budget within which you would like to work.

Projects can range widely: from simply applying custom graphics to enhance the  look of your existing car to a complete job  including locating a car, repairing as needed, modifying as desired both interior and exterior and creating a Tribute Car similar to one of the ones shown here.

Please call us to discuss your particular desires and needs.

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Check out what is being said on the “Bring a Trailer” website.

Coming Soon: More Porsche 911 Race Tributes

3/13/2008 Update:

The 911 projects are moving right along down at AutoKennel in Costa Mesa. Paul just sent us photos today of the Jaegermeister car built from the brown ‘79 911SC below. Check out the pics. We’re not sure if this one is spoken for yet, but check out his other cars for sale and his eBay listings …they are all interesting.

That is 997 GT3RS Orange paiThat is 997 GT3RS Orange paint which was sourced directly from Porsche. We look forward to this car finishing up… and we hear that a Lowenbrau car is just headed to paint. The Rothmans will always be our favorite… maybe we should get in line.

From 11/19/2007:

This 1988 Porsche was the foundation for one of our favorite cars featured to date…the Martini Safari Rally tribute 911. Paul Kramer down at AutoKennel is building several of these cars to order after the success and quick sale of the cars we’ve featured on BaT.

n BaT.

This car was purchased as a relatively dull 911 Carrera with a poorly matched wheel/tire combo. Strip the wheels, wing, bumpers and rockers, and you have a great foundation in a white/black car.

The metamorphasis was fairly extreme, but with the entry price of the foundation Porsche only around $12k, there is plenty of cash to play with considering people were lined up to pay $45k once the car was complete.

The next racing tribute will be built from the straight but tired 1979 911SC below. Paul tells us that this car will be built with the Jaegermeister livery…

We really think that tribute cars like these, when executed well, can be very appealing and valuable. We like the creativity and are now imagining many race cars of the 80’s and 90’s which are readily available as street cars in project form. Stay tuned to BaT for pictures of this 911sc as it makes its transformation. Thanks Paul!

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.Steve W said
am November 20 2007 @ 1:30 am
Could you guys feature some tired 911s that would make good project cars? I think some of us fancy taking a crack at building our own-spec 911s.
Love the site and thanks!

.Bringatrailer said
am November 20 2007 @ 5:29 pm
Great suggestion Steve. Many great cars out there waiting to be turned into Yellowbirds, rally cars, and maybe even high-quality 959 clones.
We’ll see what we can uncover…….

.Paul Kramer/ AutoKennel said
am November 21 2007 @ 9:31 am
Actually, we are building two more tribute cars. They won’t be Rallye cars, but more of a LeMans look…stay tuned!
PS we do take pre-orders on cars too.

.Flyin' Brian said
am March 14 2008 @ 5:34 am
Back-dating is a big business in England. It is a good way to get a solid and unique driver with AIR CON. I’d start with a late 80’s 911 with a G050 gearbox and back-date to a ‘73 Carrera with long hood and a ducktail. Wheels should be 17″ modular Fuchs replicas. Power would be a 3.2 to 3.5L hot-rod witih PMO carbs. Interior would be hypocritical with dyna-mat sound deading, good sound system and a lightweight interior. OR…. for a more modern feel recreate a 993RS on a ‘95 - 97 993.

To see Bring a Trailer website, go to: 


For more information, contact:  Paul Kramer 714-335-4911,  paul@autokennel.com

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Look who is checking out one of AutoKennel’s Martini Cars!


The Peachstate Region of the PCA held it's 40th annual Rennfest this weekend

at a nice resort up in the North Georgia mountains. Participants from 15

different PCA regions attended. Legendary Porsche rally and race driver, Vic

Elford was the Honorary Event Chairman. Learning from you guys at Rennsport

III the value of autographs from such drivers, I scored big with Elford.

Having raced numerous Martini cars in his career, Vic was intrigued with my

Martini Rally car. So much so that it took the "Honorary Judge's Choice"

trophy, which he autographed for me at the big awards dinner last night (by

the way, he had 94 cars to choose from). I also took first place in my

division in the Concours and Jeannie (navigator) and I (as driver) finished

fourth place in the rally (more trophies). 54 total cars in the rally, 31

rally teams in our class (tour), so fourth out of 31, all Porsche cars. We

were pleased with our results.

Back to the autographs, the attached photos show Elford with my car, then

autographing the underside of the hood. So I got the autograph and

documented it's authenticity with photos. He was a super nice guy, very easy

to talk to. Thought you guys might like this story as I know you covet your

autograph collections.

Carolina Trophy starts in two weeks. Can't wait!

Ed & Jeannie


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